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Wilbur là một trong 4 Nhân Vật độc quyền của Shipwrecked DLC, đồng thời là một trong 2 nhân vật Shipwrecked không thể mở khóa được bằng điểm kinh nghiệm. Cậu là một chú khỉ thông minh, mặc dù không thể nói được tiếng người nhưng được coi là vua của loài Khỉ.

Vì là khỉ, Wilbur tăng 10 SanityMeter.png khi ăn Chuối Hang, cậu có cơ chế tự thải ra Phân sau vài ngày và có khả năng ném Phân vào kẻ địch. Cậu có tốc độ đi chậm hơn so với những nhân vật khác nhưng sẽ bắt đầu chạy sau khi di chuyển liên tục trong vòng 3 giây.  Vì là vua, nên Khỉ Tiền Sử vĩnh viễn coi Wilbur là bạn và không quấy rối cậu. Wilbur có lượng máu và tinh thần tối đa thấp hơn bình thường, nhưng Sức Đói cao hơn, sức đói sẽ giảm nhanh hơn khi cậu chạy. Lối chơi của Wilbur xoay quanh việc chung sống với những người bạn lông lá của cậu và hưởng lợi từ thói quen ném vật phẩm của chúng.

Lock.png Mở khóa

Glommer.png Bài viết chính: Tarnished Crown

Wickerbottom Portrait.png
Excuse me, monkey, do you require assistance?

Wickerbottom, when examining the Soggy Monkey.

Wickerbottom finding a crown-less Wilbur.

Với những thế giới được tạo ra sau bản cập nhật Wilbur vs. The Volcano, trong trường hợp nhân vật này chưa được mở khóa. Wilbur có thể được tìm thấy trên một chiếc trôi nổi ngoài đại dương (thường thì sẽ là ranh giới giữa vùng nước sâu và nông bao quanh một hòn đảo). Để mở khóa Wilbur, người chơi cần trả Vương Miện Xỉn Màu lại cho cậu. Vương Miện có 10% rơi ra từ Khỉ Tiền Sử sau khi chết, hay bất cứ Chòi Khỉ nào bị phá hủy, với điều kiện là không có vương miện nào khác đã tồn tại trên thế giới, và Wilbur chưa được mở khóa.

Prime Ape Hut Map Icon.png Special Power

Wilbur's main advantage is his ability to run. This ability is triggered by walking without stopping for 3 seconds, at which point he will start to run and hold his equipped hand-held item with his tail. While running his base speed is increased to 8 (default value is 6), which is 33% faster than normal. This ability provides a significant advantage for getting out of situations that would otherwise overwhelm players, and allow him to explore faster on land.

Wilbur running on all fours.

Wilbur's second advantage is that the Prime Apes consider him as a friend. While they will not aid him in battle without making them followers with Bananas, they will also avoid their typical harassment, such as rushing to pick up harvested items. In addition, since they are friendly, they will continue their helpful actions, such as picking Grass Tufts and Saplings and tossing the harvested items to him. While same effects can be achieved for a limited time by other Characters by feeding a Banana to a Prime Ape, Wilbur can enjoy the benefits without having to find Bananas or periodically feeding Prime Apes, which is especially helpful early in the game. It should be noted that the friendly Prime Apes will still pick up or harvest any Food they can eat, including Vegetables and Fruits grown on Farms built by the player, though they only do this if they are hungry.

Wilbur's ability to produce Manure every 2-5 days is also a minor advantage, allowing access to Farms and easy fertilization without having to find Prime Apes, Water Beefalos or Wildbores, which may be hard to come by in some worlds. Wilbur can also equip a stack of Manure and use it as a ranged weapon. Each throw will remove a single Manure from the stack. Thrown Manure will travel through a parabolic path, unlike Prime Apes' more direct Manure throw, and will land at the targeted area after a delay. When it hits the ground or water, it will deal 10 damage to all nearby Mobs. Thrown Manure is destroyed and cannot be recovered. Hitting a bird with Manure will stun it, allowing it to be captured alive.


Wilbur's most apparent disadvantage is his inability to speak. This makes it difficult for players to receive announcements about incoming dangers, such as Volcano eruptions and Hound attacks, and makes preparing for them more difficult. Players must pay attention to visual and auditory (sound) clues to get these warnings while playing as Wilbur.

Although Wilbur has greater speed while running, his base speed is slower, with a penalty of -0.5 (5.5 total speed without additional modifiers, which is about 8.3% slower than normal). This puts him at a disadvantage when frequent stops are made while moving, since 3 seconds of movement pass before starting to run. While running, his hunger drains 33% faster than a normal character. Even so, he does arrive at his destination 33% sooner than a normal character, covering the same ground for the same hunger cost.

Prototype.png Tips

  • Despite being made with a Banana, Wilbur will not gain extra sanity from Banana Pops.
  • Even though Prime Apes are friendly towards Wilbur, the Prime Apes will steal and eat crops on Farms, as well as Berries from Berry Bushes. Players should keep this in mind before building a base near uncontrolled Prime Ape Huts.
  • Prime Apes only pick up food if they are hungry (as opposed to always). Players can mitigate this if they drop of excess Seaweed or Berries at the entrance of their base (though not as a stack, as they will pick up the whole stack). Prime Apes will also drop off manure at their hut when they retreat. This can be used to make an automated manure farm with Berry Bushes.
  • Splumonkeys and spider monkeys do not recognize Wilbur as their king and will not be friendly to him.
  • Wilbur's running will not trigger when sailing, and he'll move especially slower than normal when doing so since his walking speed penalty still applies. It is advised to equip speed boosting items such as a Sleek Hat when sailing.
    • There's no sailing in Vanilla or Reign of Giants worlds so Wilbur's running speed will come as a big bonus. There are no Prime Apes to be found in those worlds though.
  • Despite low damage and delayed hit mechanic, throwing manure can be useful to aggro Mobs that typically run away from the player (e.g. Koalefant), to capture live Birds or to finish off immobilized Mobs.

Placeholder.png Trivia


  • Despite his inability to speak, Wilbur will actually say "'Nanas!" and "'Nonos!" when examining Bananas and Banana Pops, respectively. These are the only instances when he speaks in some form other than his usual monkey gibberish.
  • Wilbur is voiced by a barrel organ (also referred to as a "monkey organ", after the popular street acts involving monkeys cranking the instrument).
  • Wilbur was introduced in the Wilbur vs. The Volcano update, making him the third Character to be implemented in the DLC.
  • Wilbur was added during the year of the Monkey.
  • Wilbur used to be on the Unimplemented Characters page.
  • Wilbur's portrait could be found in the game files for Don't Starve since at least December 2012.[1][2]
  • When Wilbur is struck by Lightning, it can be seen that his Crown has bones in it.

Blueprint.png Gallery

Gramophone.png Sounds

Wilbur's voice. Tập tin:Wilbur Voice.ogg
Wilbur getting hurt. Tập tin:Wilbur Hurt Voice.ogg
Wilbur dying. Tập tin:Wilbur Death Voice.ogg
Wilbur drowning (Shipwrecked icon.png). Tập tin:Wilbur Drowning Voice.ogg


  1. Blog post mentioning Wilbur from December 14, 2012
  2. Forum post mentioning Wilbur from December 23, 2012
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