Winnie is the first available character alongside the game's main protagonist Wilson. Both characters are playable from the start. Winnie has no known backstory. She is good with animals, and creatures such as Sheep and Bò Lai follow her. She spawns with the Shepherd's Staff, which can be used to turn up to 5 of the aforementioned creatures from neutral creatures into followers. Her appearence is child-like with a bonnet, suggesting a Shepherd, but this is about all that is known about her origin. Winnie's personality, while appearing cute, cuddly and innocent can be quite cold and odd at times.

Shepherd's Staff Năng Lực Đặc BiệtSửa đổi

Winnie can grow vegetables on farms in nearly all temperatures, making her the only character able to grow things during Winter and in the Cloud Realm. Winnie also takes a large Sanity penalty from eating meat (-50), so it is adviseable to farm fruits and vegetables instead.

Spear Chiến lượcSửa đổi

Due to Winnie's perks of being able to farm in Winter, and have creatures such as Sheep as followers, Winnie can easily set up farms by bringing the Sheep over to her base and using the Manure they drop to speed up the growth of her crops. This strategy is effective, yet dangerous, as during the Static, the Sheep will become Storm Rams and attack the player, forcing them to leave their bases, often into dangerous environments.

Prototype MẹoSửa đổi

  • Due to the fact that Winnie can grow crops throughout Winter, the Weather Machine is much less useful to Winnie, as it renders one perk useless, and makes the easiest strategy to play with almost impossible to play effectively.
  • Don't use her staff during Beefalo mating season. It will cause the beefalo to slowly stalk you while still being aggressive.

Placeholder Bên lềSửa đổi

  • Winnie is an unused character from the vanilla files. Instead of making a new character, the U&A team decided to pick up an unimplemented character and code them instead.
  • Winnie looks similar to the Reign of Giants character Wigfrid
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