Wilson Portrait
It's guarding the queen.


Willow Portrait
Puffy flying jerk!


Wolfgang Portrait
Busy buzzy needle men!


Wendy Portrait
Their devotion knows no bounds.


WX-78 Portrait


Wickerbottom Portrait
Very angry Apis mellifera workers!


Woodie Portrait
Hopefully no one's allergic, eh?


Waxwell Portrait
Keep your backside to yourself, madam!


Wigfrid Portrait
En guarde!


Webber Portrait
So fluffy but so mean!!


Grumble Bees are a type of bee mobs exclusive to Don't Starve Together, introduced in A New Reign. They are summoned by the Bee Queen to aid her in fights. They have small wings and a large stinger, a black and yellow abdomen, and brown fur around their head.

The Bee Queen will spawn them in groups of three or four, and they will attack the Queen's target alongside her. Grumble Bees drop a Stinger when killed.

Brain Behavior

Grumble Bees will kite their target, and will continue chasing them after attacking. They have a high movement speed, which can be boosted even further by the Bee Queen when she does her screech "attack". When they are boosted, they will dart out of reach, dart back and strike, then repeat until the boost ends, making it very hard to kite them during that time.

Attacking a Grumble Bee will also aggro all nearby Bees. Therefore, it is advised not to fight the Bee Queen at a location with a lot of Beehives, as she can just be baited away from it.

Prototype Tips

  • As the Bee Queen's health decreases, she starts to spawn Grumble Bees more often. In the early stages she will only spawn Grumble Bees if none are present, which means that leaving one Grumble Bee alive will prevent her from spawning more early in the fight.

Placeholder Trivia

  • "Grumble Bee" is a play on the words "Bumblebee" and "Grumble".
  • They appear to be based on real life Honeybee "drones", the guards of the queen.
  • Despite being "loyal to the queen" if a Bee Queen accidentally attacks one, all Grumble Bees and bees in the area will temporarily aggro on the Bee Queen.
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